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Akin Olawore & Co is an Estate Surveyors and Valuers firm with over 30 years’ experience in providing value adding professional services in the real estate market.

We aid in determining worth and value, based on several purposes as determined by these clients thereby creating wealth for them. Our proficiency in the use of up-to-date data, our technological advancement, our availability as well as our stand on the core values of the company (Honor & Integrity, Respect, Service, Compassion & Empathy) has made us reliable for public and private entities over the years.

We carry out valuation in accordance with International Valuation Standards, International Accounting Standards and measurements are in accordance with International Property Measurements Standards amongst others.

We are active members of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers, Estate Surveyors and Valuers Board of Nigeria, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, African Real Estate Society.


Valuation for Acquisition Purposes

During the sale of a property, it’s expected to know the value of such property before listing as well as know the value before purchasing.

Valuation for Taxation Purposes

Before a property can be taxed, its valuation is required. Taxes may be municipal tax, wealth tax, Property tax, and so on, as well as all the taxes are fixed on the valuation of the property.

Valuation for Rental Purposes

In order to determine the rent of a property valuation is required. The going rent in the neighborhood, social factors, the facilities and features, and so on need to be considered to fix a profitable and viable rent for the property.

Mortgage Valuation

When loans are taken against the security of a property, its valuation is required. The investment aspect of the property will be checked in other to confirm if the property value is worth servicing the entirety of the loan residue during liquidity.

Compulsory Acquisition

Whenever a property is acquired by law for the sake of overriding public interest; compensation is paid to the owner. To determine the amount of compensation, a valuation of the property is required.

Insurance Valuation

This is the valuation of property for the purpose of replacement due to an insurable event such as a fire or natural disaster.